Cricket Australia Investigates Glenn Maxwell’s Night Out; Allrounder Returns to Training Amidst Fitness Concerns


Australian allrounder Glenn Maxwell finds himself in the spotlight as Cricket Australia’s integrity unit investigates his hospitalization following a night out in Adelaide. The incident has raised concerns about Maxwell’s well-being, fitness, and the decision to attend a social event while recuperating from a broken leg.

Hospitalisation Raises Questions

Maxwell, known for his dynamic performances, was hospitalised after reportedly passing out in the green room following a gig where he was drinking. Although no admission was necessary, Australian team staff are delving into the circumstances surrounding the incident. There is no indication, at this stage, of the integrity unit’s involvement.

High-performance staff are closely monitoring Maxwell’s fitness, especially considering his recent leg injury that required rods to be inserted. The potential impact of the night out on Maxwell’s fitness and mental well-being is a cause for concern, prompting an evaluation of any concussion risks and adherence to player protocols.

Maxwell’s Embarrassment and Return to Training

Maxwell’s manager, Ben Tippett, stated that the allrounder is “okay” and back in training after being “managed” out of the preceding three-match ODI series against West Indies. Tippett mentioned, “He’s okay. I think a little bit embarrassed, but that is fine.” Maxwell’s return to training is focused on specific leg-related exercises.

Cricket Australia maintains that the decision to rest Maxwell from the ODIs was made post-Big Bash League, allowing him to participate in the golf event in Adelaide. There are lingering concerns over Maxwell’s fitness, given the rods in his leg, and team staff will likely question the appropriateness of his participation in social events during his recovery.

Captain Cummins on the Incident

Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, acknowledged Maxwell’s potential need to reconsider habits and actions. While emphasising the team’s disciplined approach on and off the field, Cummins highlighted that the incident occurred during a private event in which Maxwell wasn’t on tour with the national team.

“In terms of this incident [Maxwell] wasn’t on tour with Australia. He was over there for a private event so it was a little bit different but absolutely, any decision you make you have to own it and be comfortable with it.”, Cummins said. 

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