Dean Elgar Recounts Heated Spat with Virat Kohli in Test Match, Reveals Reconciliation


Former South Africa captain Dean Elgar has opened up about a past incident involving Indian cricket star Virat Kohli, shedding light on a heated confrontation during a Test match and the eventual reconciliation that followed two years later. Elgar’s revelation provides a glimpse into the dynamics between the two players on the field and off it.

The Confrontation in Question

During a recent appearance on the ‘Banter with The Boys’ podcast, Dean Elgar, alongside former South African all-rounder Chris Morris and rugby player Jean de Villiers, recounted an incident involving himself and Virat Kohli during a Test match in India. Elgar alleged that Kohli spat at him during the game, prompting a strong response from the South African opener.

Elgar recalled the tense moment, stating, “I came into bat and I was actually holding my own against Ashwin and what’s his name Jajeja… and Kohli, he like spat at me.” He further claimed to have confronted Kohli, warning him of the consequences if such actions persisted.

The Reconciliation

Elgar revealed that his Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate and mutual friend of Kohli, AB de Villiers, intervened upon learning about the incident. De Villiers reportedly confronted Kohli about his behaviour, leading to a conversation between Elgar and Kohli two years later during a series in South Africa.

According to Elgar, Kohli approached him during the South Africa series and extended an apology for his actions. The two players then shared a drink, symbolizing the resolution of their past altercation. Elgar highlighted the amicable nature of their interaction, emphasizing the camaraderie that transcends on-field rivalries.

Reflections and Final Test Farewell

Despite the past confrontation, Elgar expressed positive sentiments towards Kohli, describing his experience playing against the Indian cricketer as “awesome.” Notably, Kohli’s gesture of not celebrating after taking a catch off Elgar’s bat in his final Test innings, coupled with the exchange of jerseys, exemplified the mutual respect between the two competitors.

Dean Elgar’s revelation offers a glimpse into the complexities of professional sportsmanship, showcasing the dynamics of on-field confrontations and off-field reconciliations. While clashes may arise during intense competition, the ability to address and resolve conflicts fosters mutual respect and camaraderie among athletes. As Elgar bids farewell to international cricket, his narrative with Virat Kohli serves as a testament to the nuanced relationships that define the world of sports.

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