Fact Check: Did Shoaib Malik got banned because of match fixing? Here is the truth


Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik has recently found himself under the intense scrutiny of the public eye. While his third marriage to actress Sana Javed stirred widespread discussions, he has once again become the center of controversy, this time for his on-field actions involving alleged match-fixing.

The spotlight on Shoaib has intensified, raising questions and concerns among fans and pundits alike. As the discussions surrounding his personal life and cricketing integrity dominate headlines, the former Pakistan captain faces a challenging period where his off-field and on-field actions are under the microscope.

Shoaib Malik’s alleged contract termination

According to various reports, Shoaib, a prominent member of Fortune Barishal in the Bangladesh Premier League 2024 (BPL) , allegedly had his contract terminated on suspicion of involvement in match-fixing. The decision appeared to be linked to Malik’s performance in a recent match, where the spinner delivered three no-balls in a single over. As things unfolded, the cricketing community eagerly awaited further details on this matter, hoping for transparency and a fair resolution to uphold the integrity of the sport.

Here is the truth:

Shoaib addressed recent rumours surrounding his departure from Fortune Barishal, asserting that prior media commitments influenced his decision in Dubai. According to him, the choice to part ways with the team came after thorough discussions with skipper Tamim Iqbal. The latter unequivocally denied the circulating baseless rumours, emphasizing the importance of verifying information before dissemination.

“Official statement ; I would like to address and dismiss the recent rumors circulating about my playing position with Fortune Barishal. I had a thorough discussion with our captain, Tamim Iqbal, and we mutually planned the way forward. I had to leave Bangladesh for a pre-committed media engagement in Dubai. I extend my best wishes to Fortune Barishal for their upcoming matches, and if needed, I am available to support them if needs be. I have always found joy in playing the game and will continue to do so,” Shaoib wrote on X.

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Shoaib further stressed the potential harm that falsehoods can inflict on reputations and the resulting confusion they may generate. The veteran cricketer called for a collective commitment to prioritizing accuracy and encouraged reliance on credible sources to foster a clear understanding of the facts.

“I want to emphasize the importance of exercising caution when it comes to rumors, especially those circulating recently. I want to make it clear that I strongly refute these baseless rumors. It’s crucial for everyone to verify information before believing and spreading it. Falsehoods can harm reputations and create unnecessary confusion. Let’s prioritize accuracy and rely on credible sources to ensure a clear understanding of the facts. Thank you for your understanding and diligence. Thank you for your love & support as always,” the 41-year-old added.

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