Fans and cricket fraternity unite to wish AB de Villiers on his 40th birthday


The cricket fraternity and fans came together in a joyous celebration to extend heartfelt wishes to AB de Villiers, who turned 40 years old on February 17, 2024. The former South Africa cricketer, renowned for his explosive and creative batting prowess, has etched his name indelibly in the annals of cricketing history.

Known as one of the most admired cricketers globally, De Villiers has consistently dazzled fans with his extraordinary skills and innovative approach to the game. On his special day, the cricketing world reflected on the countless memorable moments he has provided and his impact on the sport.

A look at AB de Villiersโ€™ distinguished career

A glance at the illustrious career of De Villiers reveals a cricketer of exceptional caliber and achievement. Across 114 Test matches, he amassed a formidable total of 8,765 runs, punctuating his innings with an impressive tally of 22 centuries. In the ODI format, the Pretoria-born cricketer showcased his unparalleled skill with the bat, accumulating a staggering 9,577 runs in 228 games, including 25 centuries.

What sets him apart as one of the most distinguished cricketers of all time is the sheer magnitude of his runs and the remarkable consistency reflected in his batting average of 53.50. His impact on the sport transcends mere statistics as his inventive and dynamic style of play has imprinted an enduring legacy on the world of cricket, securing for him a rightfully earned position among the pantheon of cricketing legends.

Twitter floods with well wishes for De Villiers

Twitter went ablaze with genuine well wishes and emotional messages for De Villiersโ€™s birthday. Followers from around the globe eloquently expressed their admiration, underscoring the deep emotional connection fans have forged with the cricket maestro.

The overwhelming response on social media resonates with the profound impact De Villiers has made on the cricketing community, creating a heartfelt celebration of his remarkable career and the personal bonds he has cultivated with his audience.

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Here is how Twitter reacted:

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