How Russia exploits footage of Ukraine’s air defense systems, and how Ukraine can prevent it


Ukrainians are once again being warned of how Russia uses social media footage and commentary to locate Ukraine’s vital air defense systems, Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson, Yuriy Ihnat, reminded on the Center for Countering Disinformation’s YouTube channel on Feb. 4.

Russians analyze videos, photos, and messages in the Ukrainian information space to help them find Ukrainian air defense assets.

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“I’ll explain it simply,” said Ihnat. “One person films from one spot, another from a second spot, and a third person from a third spot. This is called triangulation. It allows for precise identification of the location of, say, a Patriot launch system and to strike it.”

Russians also use footage of fragments from Ukrainian missiles after intercepting Russian missiles in their information warfare.

“Someone, perhaps from the security services, takes a photo of a fragment of our missile and posts it,” added Ihnat. “What do Russian propagandist channels do? They claim we are shelling our own citizens. [Fakes] happened multiple times.”

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He also reminded that it’s advisable to turn off surveillance cameras during air raids, a matter that law enforcement, including the SBU, has addressed.

“Today, there are specific prohibitions for those who neglect these rules, especially in real-time, which can be very damaging,” Ihnat stated.

Air Forces thoroughly vet their videos before releasing them.

“We verify our videos to ensure there’s nothing extraneous and then publish them,” Ihnat said. “If it shows a missile being blown up in the air, meaning an aerial target intercepted, then why not? We need to show our partners that their weapons work, that they are effective, that we are intercepting missiles.”

CCTV cameras are helping invading Russian forces during their missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, Ihnat told Radio NV on May 16, 2023.

It was reported in December 2023 that thousands of cameras with TRASSIR/DSSL software had been installed in Ukraine, which could have transmitted data to Russian servers for a long time.

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