ICC Set to Condemn Newlands Pitch After Record-Breaking Test; Rohit Sharma’s Criticism in Spotlight


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is gearing up to impose sanctions on the Newlands pitch following the Test match between South Africa and India, which wrapped up within a historic five sessions. The focus has shifted to potential demerit points for the ground, with match referee Chris Broad likely to give it a rating of poor or unfit.

The recent Test match at Newlands witnessed India securing a victory by seven wickets, concluding within only 642 deliveries (107 overs). The pitch’s role in the swift outcome has stirred global condemnation, with attention turning to match referee Chris Broad’s impending rating of the strip. Broad, a former England batsman, has limited options and is expected to give a rating of poor or unfit.

Potential Demerit Points and Suspension

Pitches can receive ratings ranging from very good to unfit, and any falling into the last two categories may attract demerit points, leading to potential suspension. The ICC typically announces its verdict after processing the match referee’s rating through its operations team in Dubai. The decision is anticipated within the coming days, and a poor or unfit rating is likely to result in consequences for the Newlands pitch.

India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, has added to the drama by openly criticizing the pitch and expressing dissatisfaction with the ICC’s double standards. While praising the Centurion pitch earlier under scrutiny, Rohit raised concerns about the Newlands strip. “I honestly don’t mind playing on pitches like these as long as everyone keeps their mouth shut in India and don’t talk about Indian pitches,” remarked Rohit, directly addressing the ICC and match referees.

Unlikely Sanctions for Rohit Sharma

Despite his bold statements, Rohit Sharma is unlikely to face sanctions for his comments. The attention remains on the Newlands pitch, and the ICC is expected to assess the situation impartially. Rohit’s critique, highlighting the need for neutrality in pitch ratings, adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing controversy surrounding the match.

As the cricketing community awaits the ICC’s decision, the Newlands pitch controversy has once again brought the scrutiny of playing surfaces to the forefront, emphasizing the importance of fair and consistent pitch assessments in international cricket.

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