Novak Djokovic and Virat Kohli set to cross paths? Details inside


The realms of cricket and tennis recently collided in a captivating fusion when Australian cricket luminary Steve Smith and tennis maestro Novak Djokovic engaged in a delightful role reversal in the lead-up to the Australian Open 2024. This unexpected rendezvous not only enthralled sports enthusiasts but also sparked a ripple effect that transcended the boundaries of both the court and the pitch. This unexpected rendezvous not only enthralled sports enthusiasts but also sparked a ripple effect that transcended the boundaries of both the court and the pitch.

Steve Smith and Novak Djokovic’s role reversal

The encounter took a whimsical turn as Smith, a cricketing behemoth, tried his hand at tennis while Djokovic, a 24-time Grand Slam champion, took a swing at cricket. The ensuing lighthearted exchange swiftly became a viral sensation, capturing the imaginations of fans worldwide. Among those who took keen notice was none other than India’s cricket legend and tennis aficionado Sachin Tendulkar.

Djokovic’s revelation of bond with Virat Kohli

What added an extra layer of excitement to this unfolding narrative was the revelation of a genuine friendship between Djokovic and India’s contemporary cricketing icon, Virat Kohli. In a candid moment, Djokovic disclosed that he shares a profound bond with Kohli, marking an intriguing convergence of the two sporting worlds.

“Virat Kohli and I have been texting a little bit for a few years and we never got the chance to meet in person. But it was really a privilege and honour to listen to him speak nicely about me and I obviously admire his career and achievement and everything he has done.” revealed Djokovic on Sony Sports.

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Kohli sheds light on the organic connection with Tennis legend

Kohli reciprocated the sentiment in a video shared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), shedding light on the organic nature of his friendship with Djokovic.

“I got in touch with Novak very organically, I was just looking at his profile once on Instagram and I just happened to press the message button. I thought I’ll just say hello, maybe,” remarked Kohli.

“And then I saw a message from him on my DM already. I never opened it myself… And I was like, let me just check if it’s a fake account or something like that. But then I checked it again and it was legitimate. And then, yeah, we got talking. We keep exchanging messages every now and then,” he added.

The promise of a joint venture by Djokovic

As the revelation of this cross-discipline friendship sparked speculation about a potential in-person meeting between the two sporting legends, Novak himself took to social media to express his anticipation. Reposting Kohli’s video, Djokovic wrote, “Thank you for these kind words @imVkohli. Looking forward to the day we play together,” accompanied by handshake, cricket, and tennis emojis.

The convergence of these two iconic athletes from different sports promises a fascinating blend of skill, camaraderie, and mutual respect. As fans eagerly await the prospect of Djokovic and Kohli crossing paths beyond digital exchanges, the anticipation for a joint venture on the court or field only intensifies.

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