Ukraine aims to deliver ‘maximum systemic losses’ to Russia in 2024, says Zelenskyy


Ukraine must inflict “maximum systemic losses” on Russia in 2024, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his traditional evening address on Feb. 6.

Bolstering Ukraine’s sky shield remains a key strategy and one of the country’s main tasks, he added.

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“Our mission this year goes beyond just beefing up our air defense and enhancing Ukraine’s long-range capabilities; we aim to deal maximum systemic damage to Russia,” Zelenskyy stated.

This applies to frozen Russian assets, in particular. “We are working with our partners as vigorously as possible to ensure a decision on Russian assets as soon as possible”, Zelenskyy said. “Everything must be confiscated and used for defense against terror. Retaliating against a terrorist is just. Destroying terrorists is just. And making the terrorist state pay for its atrocities is just.”

Ukraine plans to achieve two important military goals in 2024 — to deprive Russia of its superiority in the sky and disrupt its offensive operations, Zelenskyy said on Dec. 12

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