Why no Ranji Trophy participation rule for Hardik Pandya; BCCI official reveals the reason


In a recent and potentially game-changing development, rumours are circulating that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is contemplating a revolutionary reform that would mandate young players’ active participation in domestic cricket.

The purported motive behind this proposed regulation is to address concerns arising from instances where emerging talents, such as Ishan Kishan, have seemingly prioritized personal training sessions over domestic cricket commitments.

However, amid this intrigue, swift gossip suggests that all-rounder Hardik Pandya might be granted an exception from this proposed rule. This exception, if true, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, raising questions about the potential criteria for exemptions and the broader implications for the careers of young and established players alike.

Reason behind Hardik Pandya’s exemption from playing domestic cricket

A BCCI official has explained that the exception granted to Hardik from playing red-ball cricket is attributed to concerns about his injury record and the physical toll that red-ball cricket can exert on his body.

The official also emphasized the importance of keeping the all-rounder fit for ICC events, acknowledging the challenges his body faces in handling the workload of Test cricket. This decision aligns with the strategic focus on preserving Hardik’s fitness and ensuring his availability for crucial international tournaments.

“We can understand Hardik Pandya’s case as his body can’t take the rigors of red-ball cricket. He can’t withstand the workload of Test cricket and Team India needs him fit for ICC events,” the official said, as quoted by Times of India.

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Why BCCI is considering a mandate for players to play domestic cricket?

The official also expressed concern about some young players frequently citing physio work as a reason when called for red-ball cricket. He underscored the need to address this issue, indicating that certain players seem reluctant to participate in red-ball formats. The approach highlights a broader awareness within the decision-making circles of the BCCI about the challenges and trends related to player availability and preferences in different game formats.

“Some of the other youngsters, whenever you call them, they will cite that they are currently doing physio work. There needs to be a stop somewhere. The decision-makers in BCCI are well aware that some players don’t want to play any red-ball cricket,” the official told PTI.

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