Aus vs WI – 2nd Test – Ball-by-ball – Shamar Joseph rips through Australia at the Gabba


Australia were 93 for 2 in their chase of 216 when Shamar came into the attack and changed the complexion of the match. Injured toe and all, he bowled 11.5 overs on the trot, his speeds consistently above the 145kph mark, and took 7 for 68 to bowl West Indies to a magical 8-run win, all this in just his second Test match. Here’s how he took his wickets.

30.5: Shamar Joseph to Green, OUT
Bowled him! Through the gate off the elbow! This leapt from a length, gets through the gate, hit the back elbow and dropped onto the stumps! Extra bounce from nowhere. What a delivery. Wobble seam as well and some nip in. Ball tracking says it bounced 12cm more than the average length in this game Australia 113/3

30.6: Shamar Joseph to Head, OUT
King pair! 141kph yorker thunders into the base of off! What a yorker! Around the wicket, 141kph, missile at the base of off, Head couldn’t get his bat down and West Indies are alive thanks to the wonderkid! Australia 113/4
Shamar Joseph could not walk last night. Now he’s on a hat-trick. Incredible bowling. Got one to rear from a length at Green and bowled him off the elbow. Then a magnificent yorker to remove Travis Head. Game on.

34.3: Shamar Joseph to Marsh, OUT
Edged and taken! Shamar Joseph gets Mitch Marsh! That’s a peach of a delivery. Dug in back of length on a fourth-stump line at 144kph, the ball straightens. Marsh has to play at that. He looks to defend and the extra bounce means it comes off high on the bat and straight to Athanaze at second slip who can’t hold on. The ball pops out to third slip where Greaves holds on to complete the catch Australia 132/5

36.2: Shamar Joseph to Carey, OUT
Knocks him over! He nails the yorker again and Australia go six down! Alright, this wasn’t quite on yorker length, but it was fired in full at 145kph. Goes off the pad and knocks the off stump back. Australia 136/6

40.5: Shamar Joseph to Starc, OUT
In the air again and this time, Starc is gone! Shamar Joseph has two five-wicket hauls in two Tests! What a spell this is. Coming back after that toe injury yesterday. And he gets his revenge on Starc as well. Starc again swings at a back of length delivery going across him. Comes off the toe end and goes high in the air and Sinclair has to just move a little to his left from backward point to grab it. Shamar Joseph kneels with his head on the ground in celebration. This match is very much alive! Australia 171/7

42.3: Shamar Joseph to Cummins, OUT
Edged to the keeper and Shamar wheels away in celebration! Length ball outside off at 141.6kph kicks up and takes the outside edge. Goes wide of the keeper and Da Silva throws himself at it for a diving catch. Shamar Joseph is kicking up a storm here! Australia 175/8

50.5: Shamar Joseph to Hazlewood, OUT
West Indies win! Shamar Joseph flattens off stump! They charge off in celebration. Shamar Joseph takes seven! The West Indies huddle together. Brian Lara is nearly in tears in the commentary box! Perfect length, angled into middle and off, it straightens past the edge and flattens off! That is so good. Australia 207/10
5.25pm One of the greatest Test victories of all-time! An undermanned, underrated young West Indies team have knocked over the World Test Champions at the Gabba. Shamar Joseph, possibly with a broken toe, bowls 11.5 overs straight and takes 7 for 68. Castling four of them. Steve Smith is left 91 not out. Shamar Joseph gets a standing ovation from the small crowd. The Australians all congratulate him. Remember the name … Shamar Joseph!

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