“He might have a niggle in his knee”


Former Chennai Super Kings (CSK) cricketer Parthiv Patel provided a fitness update on MS Dhoni ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. He revealed about meeting the keeper-batter and said that is difficult to say if the CSK captain is a match fit or not. 

Apart from the excitement of IPL 2024, one thing that has kept many happy is MS Dhoni will be back in the action. The keeper-batter will potentially be playing his season in the league and many are excited to take him to the field once again in the yellow jersey. 

But one of the major questions that is revolving around MS Dhoni is about his fitness. The keeper-batter struggled a lot with his knee last year and that forced him to bat down the order. The discomfort was also on the show when he was keeping as well and he was seen limping as well. 

MS Dhoni recently underwent knee surgery in Mumbai and few days ago was seen batting in the indoor nets. But there is still no clarity if he has attained match fitness ahead of the IPL 2024, which is set to take place from March in India. 

Parthiv Patel, who recently met MS Dhoni, spoke about their meeting and said that they didn’t about cricket. He revealed that they had fun as went to attend their common friend’s wedding. Speaking to TimesNow, he explained: 

“We didn’t talk about cricket at all. We were there to attend the Common friend’s wedding. We didn’t talk about cricket. And usually we don’t unless we are on the ground and stuff. These are not the times where we talk about cricket. We were just having fun.” 

There is a difference between looking fit and being fit – Parthiv Patel on MS Dhoni 

Parthiv Patel further talked about MS Dhoni’s fitness, pointing out there is a difference between looking fit and being fit. He believes that the keeper-batter’s fitness will only be known once he starts practicing. He added: 

“It’s very difficult for anyone to just say, there is a difference between looking fit and being fit. You might just get someone with six pack. But he might have a niggle in his knee and he cannot play the game. So, whether he is game fit or not, only once he starts practising or if he has started or not for a longer time.” 

Parthiv Patel further said that he doesn’t have any additional knowledge about MS Dhoni’s fitness. But he is sure that if keeper-batter has made up his mind to play then will only play if he is fit. He expressed: 

“I have also seen as much as you have seen on social media is some pictures right before that. It’s very difficult. And still, IPL still has a time. So, I am sure if he has made up his mind or if he has started or not playing then he will play only if it’s fitting.” 

MS Dhoni would be hoping to end his career on high. In 2023, he won 5th title as a leader and would be hoping to claim his 6th one.

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