ICC Denies Usman Khawaja Once Again


Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja has made headlines once again for his ‘human rights’ gesture, attempting to pay homage to lives lost in Gaza by sporting a black dove holding an olive branch on his shoes for the upcoming Boxing Day Test. However, his efforts have hit a roadblock as the International Cricket Council (ICC) has denied his fresh application to display the humanitarian logo.

Khawaja’s Gesture:

During Australia’s practice session at the MCG, Khawaja boldly displayed the black dove emblem on his right shoe and bat, both adorned with a powerful excerpt from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The inscription emphasized the essence of equality and brotherhood among all individuals. Despite the ICC’s refusal, Khawaja’s poignant stance resonates deeply with the sentiment of unity and compassion.

ICC’s Decision:

Despite seeking approval from Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association, Khawaja’s application was rejected by the ICC, halting his plans. The 37-year-old expressed his disappointment, stating that he followed all regulations and precedents but did not receive consistency in how the ICC officiates such matters.

Khawaja’s Response:

When approached for comment, Khawaja chose not to respond directly, although he had previously discussed his stance extensively at the MCG, emphasizing the need for fairness and equity in the ICC’s decisions regarding such gestures.

“I followed all the regulations, past precedents, guys that put stickers on their bats, names on their shoes, done all sorts of things in the past without ICC approval and never been reprimanded. I respect what the ICC and the rules and regulations they have. I will be asking them and contesting they make it fair and equitable for everyone, and they have consistency in how they officiate. That consistency hasn’t been done yet,” Khawaja was quoted as saying by the Brisbane Times.

Comparison with Labuschagne:

Khawaja’s dove logo and human rights reference are reminiscent of Marnus Labuschagne’s eagle and Bible verse on his bat, both sharing comparable size and shape in personal symbolism.

Usman Khawaja’s persistent efforts to use his platform to advocate for humanitarian causes through his cricketing gear reflect his unwavering commitment to making a difference, even if his symbolic gestures might not be officially endorsed within the cricketing realm.

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