“It’s because…”: Wasim Akram reveals why he would prefer coaching Australia rather than Pakistan


In the wake of Pakistan‘s recent struggles in the cricketing arena, legendary pace bowler Wasim Akram has stirred the pot by expressing a preference for coaching Australia over his home country.

The big statement from Akram comes at a time when the Pakistan cricket team is grappling with a series of losses against Australia, marking a string of disappointing performances. As discussions around the team’s future intensify, the veteran pacer’s unexpected revelation adds an intriguing layer to the already existing drama.

Pakistan cricket team’s recent struggles

Pakistan’s journey in recent months has been far from smooth. The team faced a lacklustre campaign in the ODI World Cup 2023, failing to advance to the knockout stages. Subsequently, management made bold decisions, including a change in team leadership, selection committee and certain other role shuffles.

Despite these efforts, the team’s performance on the Australian tour failed to impress, leading to heightened scrutiny of the coaching staff.

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“I’ll pick Australia”: Wasim Akram reveals the reason behind his preference

In a surprising turn of events, when asked about his coaching preference between Pakistan and Australia, Akram unequivocally chose Australia. Contrary to expectations, he clarified that the decision was not influenced by personal reasons, such as his wife’s Australian background. Instead, the 57-year-old pointed to the reduced pressure associated with coaching Australia, allowing him to focus on the job at hand.

“If I get the option, I will pick Australia. Not because of my wife, it’s because there will be less pressure, and I will be able to do my job,” Akram explained in an interview with Sportskeeda.

The bold statement from Akram has sparked discussions among fans and pundits, with many trying to decipher the underlying reasons behind Akram’s surprising choice.

Looking ahead

As Pakistan faces the daunting challenge of avoiding a whitewash against Australia in the final Test at the SCG, the team’s pride hangs in the balance. Additionally, the revelation by Akram adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions about the team’s future and coaching appointments.

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