Mark Wood Reveals England’s Bold Prep for India Test Challenge


The India vs. England Test series is just two sleeps away. On January 25, both teams will face each other at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Both teams reached the venue and hustled hard ahead of the Test match. Before heading to the first Test match, English superstar Mark Wood talked about their preparations. 

Mark Wood on the Test Series:

England fast bowler Mark Wood has shared insights into the team’s preparation for the upcoming five-match Test series against India, scheduled to kick off on January 25. He highlighted the team’s training camp in the UAE, emphasizing their strategic approach to adapting to the challenging Indian conditions.

He said, “I think we’ve prepped really well in Abu Dhabi. We’ve made pitches, we’ve scuffed pitches up to make them spin, we’ve put sand down to make it spin, we’ve had flat pitches to practice simple and reverse swing. So, we’ve had all the facilities available in Abu Dhabi.”

Later he added, “I guess it’s all about soaking up that pressure when needed, maybe when the Indian batsmen are on top. We have to soak up that pressure and create a bit of a theatre or drama on the field and then when it’s time, attack again. That’s the same with bat and ball.”

Before starting the Test series, a lot of buzz was created over that. There was a debate about England’s attacking philosophy. In Mark Wood’s words, England is high on confidence after defeating Pakistan by a 3-0 margin in their backyard. Now, they want to create a history on the Indian soil.

 Wood said, “They (India) very rarely lose at home. I think it’s almost like a bit of a free hit for us where we can come in and try something different. We created history in Pakistan recently, becoming the first team to win every match. So, this is another chance to do something historic and try and beat India in their own conditions.”

India vs. England Test series:

 After a long time, India is going to play the Test series on home soil. They will face England in a five-match Test series. The first match will be played in Hyderabad on January 25. Ahead of the Test series, Team India gathered at the venue in January. Before playing the first match, they are going through intense practice sessions. They are working hard for another successful Test series at home. 

On the other hand, the scenario is a little different for the England team. They left their country a few days ago and camped in Abu Dhabi to practice for the Test series against India. The team arrived in India a day ago. They are all set to face the challenges in the Indian conditions. They won the last Test series on Indian soil under Alastair Cook’s captaincy in 2012-13. They will try hard to change the record.

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